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My brother had just fallen for this scam and I thought there was no way these people should get away with it. As soon as I found out (which was luckily before any of their software had been downloaded and within about an hour of signing up) I called the company ( and told them I want to cancel. They asked why so I told them that they were misleading, implying that you could legally download music from their site which is just not the case. I also stated early on that I knew about the required "7 day cooling off" period and they were obliged to cancel the subscription.

Like other people they said that there would be a cancellation charge and staright away I questioned why. There is no way they should charge for processing fees. I mentioned that this was to be taked up with the credit card company and I expressed once again that I know exacty how peer-to-peer works and that I know that if my brother was to download a song by any well known artist he would be performing an illegal act (believe it or not they tried to persuade me that this was legal!).

Anyway, the whole phonecall lasted between 5 and 10 minutes (which couldn't cost too much on the phone bill) and I was told that a full refund will be given with no cancellation charge. I got a reference number and the credit card company has already been told that the charge will be disputed if it is not returned within the promised 8 - 10 business days.

I actually have several qualifications in law and computing and made sure they knew that I knew what I was talking about. I phoned on my borthers behalf so they couldn't fob him off with technical or legal jargon and it seemed to do the job.

My advice is to be quick and to the point. Be assertive but not to aggressive. Make sure that you make it clear that you know your rights and always go into the conversation with the intent of getting a full refund. If you have a friend who knows alot about computers then it may be worth getting them to call on your behalf too.
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