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A charge for $44 appeared on my CC June 8 billed by for It was for download privileges for a year which I didn't order. I tried to access billing info at but it requested a password I didn't have. They referred me to the eMail they sent when I signed up but I never received an eMail. My CC company will credit my account so I'm OK but the point of this is how they got all my info. It's kind of interesting. On the date my CC was charged I was on the Limewire site and decided to upgrade to PRO. I filled in all the info and then changed my mind. I didn't submit the info, just closed the page. This info was somehow hijacked. This is the only thing I can figure out. Googling themusicsmembersarea reveals other posts about their being scammers. Some believe they are also using a copy of a Limewire program for their downloads.

Hope this helps somebody.
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