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Default "Too specific" Message

Is there any way at all to stop this? I am guessing it is based on letters/numbers in the search. Too many cause the "too specific" message. But really, Try this for example
Artist: The M**k**s
Album: H**dquarters Sessions disc 1

You will invairably(?) get the "too specific" Message.

I KNOW it's specific. I am searching for that, and that alone.

you can't even fit Picses,Capricorn,Aquairius, and Jones LTD., in the search for crying out loud.

In the case of many of the files I am searching for I want specific. I may be looking for that album alone. I do not want every song The M**k**s ever recorded to pop up. I just want the search narrow, and yes quite specific.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Even if someone just points out a link where this is covered.

My only other complaint is the "spam" thing. I block by IP address, only to see that change within seconds. Literally. I have added Sponsored Results,(Sponsored results), a few others that I can't recall off the top of my head. I have not yet tried to eliminate that 134.5 or what ever it is. I will do that the next time I turn Limewire on.

For the record, having downloaded that previously it is an ad. I think for Or something like it. I recall a Clinton impersonator with a rap like this, "My fellow Americans. I did not have sex with that woman. I did however go to Blah blah yadda yadda .com." I f*cking hate that place and the ad. For that reason alone I would never buy from them. In fact I will send them an e-mail stating that. Maybe that will put an end to it. Yeah right!

So any help with these problems, please drop me a line.


Love limewire, it's the best in what I am searching for.

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