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Well not sure why Phex is using 1.4.2 on OSX, Java 1.5 would be much preferred. Specially since OSX is still the only environment where Java 1.5 is not the dominating Java VM used. So if you find a solution why 1.4 is used I would be very interested about it.

A high number of threads is usuall for Phex. Maybe after a few days the number growed a bit too high because of unknown leaks but if you hold many connections, downloads and uploads you can expect numbers well over 150 threads.

The firewall icon is buggy in Phex, it is a know problem since some time. But since its only a visuall problem not much effort is made to fix this yet. You can be sure even with firewall icon Phex is able to accept incomming connections and upload requests when your port is forwarded correctly.

The window position and size should be retained, also the width of table columns. In case it is not working for you, it might be a platform specific problem somewhere.

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