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This is how speed selection works in LW
What is m speed

If you really have a 100 Mbps connection (that's 12 MB) then you should be a T3 You can do a speed test here

Now read through this & follow the instructions for setting up your LW.
Configuring LW for best performance

If you're a leaf, you'll connect to ultrapeers. With LW basic you'll connect to 3 ultrapeers, with Pro 5 ultrapeers. Ultrapeers are people with fast connections, high uptime & no firewalls who can handle a lot of traffic. This will explain ultrapeers
If you're a leaf, you'll see 3 or 5 outgoing ultrapeers in your connections window. If you're an ultrapeer, you'll see lots of connections to peers & leafs. Ultrapeers are just handling lots of connections... so you & everyone else can search & download successfully.

Yes, download speed depends on your connection speed as well as the host's. If you try & download from a host with dial up connection, doesn't matter if you have a T3 speed... the download will still be slow. But if you have a reasonable speed & can download from 8 hosts with a reasonable speed... you'll get your file a lot quicker than downloading from just one host with that same speed. You take a bit from everyone & the file downloads quickly. Just one host is far slower. But then again, you can download a file from one host with a really fast connection faster than from several hosts with a very slow connection. See, it so depends on a person's speed. Maybe the user guide would help you to understand more

The freeloader cutoff is really up to you. How much emphasis do you place on sharing? I have mine set to 20 files. But to be honest, I don't know (& I'm not sure anyone does) how well this option to limit freeloaders actually works. Anyway... it's just about impossible to tell if someone's a freeloader

Really hope I haven't confused you too much

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