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Default all mp3`s were ok but now all songs are bad played peices of other songs while play ?


I download since 3 weeks with limewire. I downloaded about 30 songs. The playe were all OK. I downloaded some new songs and also old songs and 1 cd. When I play now my songs than there are pieces of other songs between it. Example :

Song *** with peices of *** song. 3 times between the song came the pieces of 3 sec. very frustrating all my songs are bad now.

I deleted all other songs and played *** again. --> still *** in it ??
I downloaded the newest version of Limewire --> in the beginning Ok but after 15 song all songs are again messed up with pieces of other songs.

My player is winamp and media player. I turned off the limewire player.

Who can help me.


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