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Angry TruStarWarrior , your Clean LW installer has some "problems"

You may think I'm a guy who picks on everything but the holes in your installer on your Clean LimeWire site are starting to show .

First of all youre spreading a file

This file is a list of the most recent 100 hosts
IP's change with the second , not one is correct anymore

Second , the limewire.props files is unique for each config thus should not be spreaded.
It is automaticly constructed when LW is started

3) The "ads" folder inside the "lib" folder can be deleted , no difference and LW wont even reconstruct it .

4) LimeWire20.dll and CBanner2.dll can be deleted , LW constructs them automaticly at startup , there already stored inside of one of the jar files .

5) that shortcut inside LW dir to start it ?
LimeWire 2.0.3.lnk I mean .
It points to : C:\PROGRA~1\JAVASOFT\JRE\132E6D~1.1\bin\javaw.exe -ss32k -oss32k -ms4m -Xminf0.10 -Xmaxf0.25 -jar RunLime.jar

Who says that the Java runtime is always installed in C:\Program Files\Javasoft\JRE\...

In my case it is D:\Program Files\java runtime\
When you install the Java runtime you can choose where u want it .
So for some people that shortcut won't work .

Actually did you try it at all ?
The shortcut goes to C:\PROGRA~1\JAVASOFT\JRE\132E6D~1.1\bin\javaw.exe -ss32k -oss32k -ms4m -Xminf0.10 -Xmaxf0.25 -jar RunLime.jar
But the working folder on the shortcut points to C:\Program Files\LimeWire\2.0.3\

That shortcut gives you a big error box and that's it .
From Windows Imean , not from LW !

6) Wich Installer compiler are you using ?
A separate .exe just to make a shortcut ? That's pukable !

7) You have an installer packed in a .zip file .
That's useless !
Maybe 1% extra compression and that's it .
Why did you pack the installer into a .zip file ?

Sorry for this rude atitude , but I'm really shocked .
This installer is worse then the official one !
The only good part of this entire thing is that it contains no spyware !

I suppose you know the Java language and did a good job fishing the spyware code out of LW , but this installer is an 1.6MB disaster !

People don't download the one above , download this .zip file to install a clean LW :

Sorry for putting you down , TruStarWarrior buts it's the truth ...

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