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Im sorry, but im not a sharing kinda guy. My files are mine and mine only. (plus i dont want to get a law suit over it)With that said, why cant i use the mp3 player when i turn all my sharing off!? Lime wire was perfect until this! ARGH![/QUOTE]

Sorry to disagree but your files are not yours. They are mine and others you've leeched from. As for the lawsuit you think of that before you DL. It's not only the D/L but the U/P that gets sued. So we all are taking our chances.
Sorry, guys did I get off the subject? must be the Puert Rican in me. Grrrrrowl

Don't yell at me..I said I was sorry.
Yes I seed, scan and view, before I put it up for D/ you have just as much consideration? Then grow up!
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