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Two things you could try:

The first thing is to go to LW>Tools>Option>View>Popups and tick the revert to default square. And since all is in a language you can't read, I'll try to exlain how to find it.
At the top bar of the LW window there are 6 headlines from left to right, you choose the 5th. In the column that pops up you take the first headline. A new popup window will open showing on the left several heardlines ( 17 to be exact). The headlines No. 5, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 have arrows in front of them. You choose the arrow of the 14th headline. Two more headline will pop up. You choose the first. On the right you should see now a small square. Make sure that it is ticked. Now you click the button in the bottom right corner (that is "Apply"). After that you click the 2nd button to the left of the button you've just clicked (that's the "OK" button). Now close LW and restart it. That should it be.

In case that doesn't work or it turns out to be more complicated than we thought, you could also delete your LW " .limewire " preference folder when LW is completely closed (i.e. also in the system tray) as explained in (Point #2 & 3 in Fixes for Limewire)

After you have deleted it, and restarted LW again you will be asked to configure LW which includes the language part at the very beginning.

Ooops, while I was trying to type my thesis here with my one-finger-search-system, you replied already.........didn't mean "after-post".....
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