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Having an option for the longest time doesn't make it right. Raza is no good anyway and I'm sure they have less succes getting torrents than other torrentprograms. Using BitComet a pretty popular file 700 MB took me 1 hour 40 minutes

And I'm not even on a private tracker

I understand your concern LOTR but it is still very possible to keep a 1/1 ratio. I did not in any way mean that you would only get the same speed downloading as you were uploading. I meant that if let's say 5 torrents were downloaded maybe 4 GB in all then the user would get a message saying that leeching is not allowed and no more torrents until ratio is back up to 1/1 (4 GB up only torrentfiles) same should be implemented for the Gnutella network with maybe 100 downloads because of size difference. The reason (I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed) that Limewire is slowly going downhill is because a bigger and bigger portion of the users are nothing but slimy freeloading leeches.

I look carefully at share ratio when using bittorrent. I do not clear a download until I have uploaded at least the same amount that I have downloaded. I do this by both downloading and uploading during my flatrate hours and then only seeding 2/3 of the day This gets me close to a 1/1 ratio. If I don't have something to download I still seed during my flatrate hours getting me over the 1/1 ratio.

BTW LOTR you're more than welcome to copy the portion of the thread dealing with this issue to "General P2P Network Discussion"

(edit: Thanks. That was fast )

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