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I think this thread is very relevant. Don't really know what to say about the poll. Guess it all depends whether they implement the shareratio in the program. There are too many leeches on the network and many of them do not have the capabilities to use torrentprograms thus Limewire will be giving them the option of leeching of torrents as well as the Gnutellanetwork. I think this will be a real shame.

This torrentscenario that they are planning is far from perfect. I tried Azureus now and it even has a shareratio warning light. It also informs users that downloadspeeds will suffer from a bad shareratio. I think that the Limewire developers should learn from that and implement something similar into the Core where it's not easily bypassed.

I'm voting yes on this issue. If there are changes made for the better that yes can be ignored
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