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Hi Sleepless

I just bounce over from the other thread entitled "Tired Of One-Way File-Sharing" started by KK and I will give some thought now to your suggestion of enabling LWs "chat" facility, as you said, I don't have to use it.

Anyway, I am here to discuss the issue of greater freeloading if Torrent facilities are incorporated into LimeWire.

Well first off, I am all for anything which gives LW greater sharing capabilities because I have felt for some time now that the pool of available files for sharing has been gradually shrinking. And anything or facility that allows more files into our constantly shrinking pool has got to be good.

However, I agree that allowing more people access to our pool without insuring that they are putting something back has got to be detrimental to the P2P community as a whole. Therefore, may I suggest that widening the user base of the P2P community should go hand in hand with tightening up the “anti-freeloading” facility within LimeWire.

That way “you cannot come to the party unless you bring a bottle” (I hope that is a term that most non-English speaking forum members are familiar with).

UK Bob
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