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Question LimeWire doesn't find any files

hey there,

yesterday I installed Limewire 4.12.3 - and at first it didn't work. With "it didn't work" I mean that the programme didn't find any files of any kind. Later at night I tried seraching again for some files, and there was absolutely no problem. It found many files and I actually downloaded 2 of them (audio). As I said - no problem!
Now.. today it isn't working again!! And I have no idea why?! I haven't changed any settings or options, nothing! But it doesn't work.. Now I begin to believe that maybe there is problem with the connection. During the day, my internet connection is 64 and at night 128 - I don't know if that might be the reason - I rather think not. But as I said, I have really no idea why I can't use the programme.. why it can't find any files!!
So... if anybody has any idea of what could be the reason for this problem - pleeeaseee help me, cause I'm getting really tired of it.

And please forgive my English - I'm actually German and.. well, you know.
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