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I don't think all of this TrueStarwarrior bashing would have started, if it wasn't for his very first two rude posts in this thread. The very first poster in this thread was angry that trojans and spyware were installed on his system, and without any warnings, and this software was still available for download. I think he (and for that matter, all of us) had a right to be angry and post his feelings and concerns. Especially since several people in other earlier threads reported this problem also, but never got a response back from LimeWire. Both LimeWire's website and their version 2.x software has links to this forum for support. That makes this forum their official support site forum. That very first thread was not aimed at TrueStarwarrior, it was aimed at LimeWire. But for some reason, he thought the very first post was a personal attack on him. He decided to be rude and childish and post those first couple of replies. I think that was wrong...especially for a moderator !! Period and end of story. I think if he didn't respond in the way he did, the childish flaming that has gone on between him and other users would have never happened. I personally think that if TrueStarwarrior wants to continue being a moderator, he should not take posts aimed at LimeWire as personal attacks on him, and if he feels the need to respond to a post, he needs to act professionally.
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