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Question Creative Commons search results

I spend a bit of time searching for audio/creative commons and was trying to use the 'mark as junk' function to mark results that I could not verify as being correctly licensed. However, even with the sensitivity of the filter turned way down, some files that I had not previously marked as junk and that are in fact correctly licensed, end up being counted as junk files - ie. they are displayed at the bottom of the page along with the others that I had previously nominated, even though I had not nominated them.

I was just hoping you might consider just a plain 'marking' function that is not connected to a filter so that this doesnt occur, would make my experience a lot better, without some kind of marking I have to manually verify many files, particularly those with a verification url of - many of the included urls are not correct and the auto verification tells you this, but when you search for the tracks on that site you discover that in fact they are licensed under CC but the verification url was not quite right.

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