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Default Hyper-kun Is Right

Hyper-kun is right you can exploit any file written

When we were flooding the networks with corrupt Mp3, wmv, wma exct

See my other posts

we created certain code in the files that when the person trying to run them (your computer slows down as it does certain things) the files were actually writing certain other files in the windows/system32 directory (as an example)

this was done on unix, linux, windows, the mac system exct

These files were also made to scan your hard drives for P2P and any d/l program you had on your computer ie Gozilla (I Know it's old, but it's an example)

The old kazaa system was flooded by fake files ie mp3, windows media files, jpg, html, exct (see my other posts) And is now considred nearly dead

the winmx system is also considered nearly dead

bearshare is under attack now

and as I have already stated they are now starting to attack this network

If u want to spot the fakes (I have already posted how) not 100%, but near enough

Read The Posts How

Sorry can't tell you what files, and how to stop them (would be sued)

But I Can Tell You This

Any File Out There is Usable

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