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Thumbs down These files are nowhere, yet they show on Defrag..

I wanted to defragment the files on the hard drive (Windows XP), but I got a message 'files that could not defragment'. In this reoprt there were 3 incomplete files that - no matter what I did - I could not see them on Windows Explorer (even when I ticked the 'show hidden files option. The three files are:

Documents and Settings\William\Local Settings\Application Data\Shareaza\Incomplete\LUTOHBL4Y5RQGZSDZHL......

Documents and Settings\William\Local Settings\Application Data\Shareaza\Incomplete\IRAGMBF.....

Documents and Settings\William\Local Settings\Application Data\Shareaza\Incomplete\IHRb04....

To get rid of them I first uninstalled Sharaza, restarted Windows XP and reran disk defragmentation. The same message appeared that these files could not be defragmented (the uninstall and restart should have deleted them?). It must be that the files are still there?

I then deleted the shareaza sub file (it was still there even after uninstalling shareaza), and again disk defragmentation showed them still to be there (and that it couldnot defrag them).

So how can I get rid of them??????

They are pretty big and they would release back a large slice of space?

I am using the latest version of Shareaza, (and (as a supplementary?)why doesn't it display the incomplete files anymore)

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