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I have a bit of a moral dilemma with this whole sharing/ultrapeer issue.I share my files but when i download something i burn it to cd or dvd so i can watch it/listen to it away from the computer.To save space on the hard drive i delete the more popular ones because it would make very little diffrence if i had a song that another 15 people had.But a few months ago i was downloading a certain tv series which had over 20 episodes and left them all on there to share even tho it nearly filled my hard drive because they where from America and during the daytime here most of the people where either offline or not sharing so i left it like that for a week and had an incredible ammount of hits [around 200] and people where constantly downloading it after a week i decided to burn the files to dvd and watch them on something bigger than a s****y 14inch monitor then i deleted them and cleaned my hard drive.If i download a really obscure song [the young marble giants being a typical example] i leave it on my shared and let other people download it.
Same with my rare/obscure videos i have left them on because they are obscure and not many people will search for them but for a fan of this musician the videos are a goldmine.So it's personal choice really share the hard to find stuff and delete the others.Same with uploading i recomend put rare stuff on and leave the chart stuff where it is.
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