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This has been raised many times, and if you search the forums for "child porn", or the like you will find many posts on the subject. You will find links to the authorities, to whom you can report ip numbers of offenders, but just remember that you may have a few unverified downloads which you are sharing and one of them could be child porn.

I'm not belittling what you have said... I feel the same. You can ban seachwords your-self in your search filter, but if there was a blanket ban on certain words, then legitimate titles containing these words would be banned from searches as well.

I must point out that Limewire or rather, the Gnutella Network, exists, and continues to exist, for the very reason that it does not control the content it makes available. There is no one in power who can stop material being shared on the network. Limewire is just one of many clients which connects to the Gnutella Network.

We can use filters to block this from our computers or minds, or we can do something actively about it, but we must do this carefully, after learning the facts, and without getting overemotional about it.

For my part, I have never ever discovered any child porn, and using Bizi look up on video files is a good way to keep this problem at bay. There is a sticky at the top of one or two of the forums about Bitzi and Magnet links. Have a look at it...
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