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Did you go to LW>View>Aply Skins>Refresh Skins.......??

Help with Skins

When downloading via HTTP (via your browser), right click the link and "Save As". Save the file to one of the following folders:

On Windows:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\.limewire\themes
On Mac Classic:
System Folder/Preferences/.limewire/themes
On Mac OSX:
Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences/LimeWire/Themes

You can also download the file using LimeWire. Just click on the link that says, "Download into LimeWire". You will see the downloaded skins in your Library.

If you downloaded with your browser, you must move the file to the folders listed above to use the skin.
To apply the new skin, go to LimeWire's Menu/ View/ Apply Themes.

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