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Default I'm being bombarded on port 6346!

I've been connected to the internet via cable connection for 2 months now - turns out I have a static IP Address (at least it hasn't changed yet!). I've had Limewire installed for several months. Two weeks ago I installed ZoneAlarm Pro, and ever since I've noticed that as my computer boots I start getting attacked on port 6346 from IP Address This 'bombardment' never ceases, and connection attempts are being made to my computer about every minute or two for as long as my computer's up and running. This happens even when Limewire's not running. Because the connection attempt is to port 6346, I'm guessing that it's a Limewire-related issue.

My ZoneAlarm logs indicate two types of connection attempts, both FWIN and FWROUTE.

FWIN indicates an inbound packet of data coming to your computer.

FWROUTE indicates a packet that was not addressed to or from your computer, but was routed through it.

Considering the nature of a Gnutella network, this might be normal. But should this be happening even when I'm not running Limewire?

Is IP Address trying to hack me, or route through me to hack into other computers? Or could they possibly have me listed as a host IP and keep trying to connect to me constantly?
Any words of wisdom would be most appreciated.

Here's a fraction of my ZoneAlarm log:

type date time source destination transport

FWIN 2002/01/10 23:48:02 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:49:18 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:50:34 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:51:49 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:53:03 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:54:18 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:55:33 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:56:49 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:58:05 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
FWIN 2002/01/10 23:59:22 -5:00 GMT TCP (flags:S)
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