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Default Thank you!

Hey guys!
Hello Adam!

I really appreciate the e-mail. Thanks so much!

I may have made a contribution or two to the Gnutella community, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without someone's help. There is absolutely no way that I could have read even half of the posts on this forum. KathW has been invaluable by scouring the forums for problems that needed attention and redirecting people to appropriate sections of the FAQ. Thank you KathW!

I would also want to thank any members that helped me out and explained issues I didn't really understand. If you were to have asked me what gnutella was 7 months ago, I would have been clueless! So I would like to thank all those who patiently discussed Gnutella and LimeWire with me into the wee hours of the morning.

And thanks for the free copy of LimeWire Pro! I really appreciate your generosity.

It's been great fun watching LimeWire progress from version 1.3 to what it is today. I'll be sure to drop by once in a while to say hello to everyone. Good luck (or Providence, if you liken to that) with LimeWire's ongoing development!!

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