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Hi Folks,

I'm fairly new to LW. It's a great program. I live elctronically at the of a very copper wire with modem connection only and an ISP (2nd biggest in Ockeland) that is actively pursuing a corporate decision of lowering bandwidth on all modem connections - from 56k to 33k to 24k to 19k (thats my top speed nowadays) to weeks at 14k.

However, Limewire DOES dliver...and it's great to hear the old songs.

My problem lies with the modem - because it is slow, a lot of songs I want to download can be selected and then, before they start coming down, the originating computer's owner has got tired and decided to go to sleep after switching their computer off. So, I then have to find another source. Thats a small bother but it can be annoying.

The second problem is that I often find an old song - one I havent heard in years - so I find that with LW and tag it for download. I do that immediately because I know I will never think of the song aagin for lots more years.

The problem is that I eventually end up with lots and lots and lots of songs lacking resources and it may take days before the connection fires up again. So, eventually I lose the plot and delete all the resource-lacking songs....including the ones I will never think of again for years and years.

Would it be possible to be able to save the resource lacking songs into a, say, CSV delimited ascii file so the users can have a list of what they want downloaded for use in a word least then I wont have lost the song names, especially of the long ago songs.

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