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It's the network not LW's fault. Spammers are the problem!!! See the following links to get an idea of the groups sponsored to spam the gnutella network with fake, corrupt, & virus ridden files:
(1) Overpeers, (2) MediaSentry, & (3) Mediadefender

So how do we beat them? They only target copyright material. So if you're not searching copyright material you won't get the fake files. Though you may still get some of the basic spam such as (a) autogenerated spam results, & (b) autogenerated mp3 spam results, but those are very easily filtered out using the Junk filter.

To overcome the issue, using bitzi will definitely help for videos to check whether they are valid files or not! How to use Bitzi Web Lookup. Also see plays at 32kbs. Use 6_pac's advice. Also when you see search results that have 100 for one, 99 for next on the list, etc. instead choose those with 10 or 10 or so sources under the # column of the search results. Check the file sizes also to see if there's any small difference between those with less sources & those with 100.

(clicking those with 100 results are fake & you'll never download them!!! They'll spend ages pretending to try to connect, & then eventually go to Need more sources!)

Oh & about porn sponsored files, filter them out using these terms Direct instructions to eliminate porn from results
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