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Default In my opinion shareaza sucks...

I recently downloaded and installed shareaza... it has a nice look, but for some reason I can't shake the idea that I'm about to torture myself with kazaa and emule's corrupt, incomplete, spammed and virus ridden files.... the first file I downloaded, when I ran it in media player asked for me to click on yes to download some security update from microsoft...., I then burned the file to a cd, ran it in my test computer, clicked on yes, and all hell broke loose... some downloader froze my machine and, needles to say, I didnt like that very much, that doesnt mean shareaza is not a good program, but I will stick to limewire which basically has gotten me 95% of the files I looked for, obviously I've had to sort out many virus or corrupt files, but it is much simpler to use, and has a much better user interface than any other program out there.
After kazaa and emule, I went for mirc, where in certain channels you were sure to get clean files, until I came across Limwewire.