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Default you people are pushing the size filter the worng way....

you people are pushing the size filter request the worng way.... iv'e explained already in other threads! (lordoftherings has warned also).... my explaination: yes i agree we need a file size filter. but not just any, it has to be a SPECIFIC size(s) filter....just like the way the "keryord" junk filter works... for example if you filter out the word "cat" and you'll never get any search results with the word cat..... MY POINT IS if we create a file size filter it must be a filter so we can add "specific file sizes... like lordofthering said in previous threads... "if we have a file size filter the spammer will adjust (workaround) to it and just make then bigger from 851.7 or 197.7 kb to "megabytes... or hundreds of megabytes..... also its not being fair to the network filtering out like let's say: size from____ to___ because then were missing out on a whole range of files we might want to look up in the near future.... like photos, pdf files.. or docments... my conclusion is we must be sensitive with this area of type of filter.... and if in the near future limewire does get creative and make a size filter... PLEAZE I only beg that it is not a size filter in range of from__ from to to__ any it be a "list" type like a keyword filter... EXAMPLE: filter out these specific file sizes....

and when you do a search result, there shouldnt be any of those files showing up.... (until riaa or sony hires some low life hacker to do thier dirty work and make a "workaround")
PS: there is always a workaround to a workaround.... LOL

PSS: there should also be an intelligent filter to auto-ignore results like B_L_U_E__C_A_T__R_I_S_I_N_G.wma from the real file "blue cat rising.wma"
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