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Default hmmmm???

.....and we ALL know that those "pretty" autogenerated spam search results servers or somputers are being "financed/maintained" by riaa/sony/mpaa .... but were not snitching... LOL

off topic; (have you also noticed that if you yahoo or google you get "spammed" results, harmless but annoying website "advertising" similar things you type in... and maybe now&then you get a lil pop up window (small rectangle) lol.... oh and try mis-typring a website lol you really get a surprise.... im just surprised there is no action there since we all know the gov/nt cant control what is in someone's computer (like p2p networks) but they can control whats on the net (like servers/ip)...hmm..?? new trend..... i guess the internet will soon get less users & be paralyzed in like 3 yrs..? who knows.... (the effect is happening to p2p networks (like discouraging users by auto-results spamming/viruses) now were getting auto results in searches in google or yahoo or any search engine))... i remember like last year if i typed in something that is a unique word.. in yahoo or google it woud say "search results 0" (empty) LOL now you can type in anything and get "thousands of websites" claiming results ranging from sales, information, to plain just spammers these days...gotaa love em (hate em) (for screwing up the internet & undustry....) there pushing the internet to a point that if it doesnt come to a halt it will be controlled by the gov/nt just like in china.... lol spammers beware, you are only pushing you "hobbies" off a cliff...then you have nothing else better to do.... LOL.... id love to see your face right now....
let the war begin; real hackers VS riaa/mpaa/sony & thier auto-gen spammer servers & beautifil ip addresses that flip like pages... (heck that'd be a good project for you guys when you're bored)(getting rid of those auto-gens & tearing up thier systems heck you're NOT doing anything illegal! since your stopping them from thier illegal actions.... tell me if im wrong!!! because if im wrongg then people that spread viruses are doing something legal..LOL ) do it so limewire doesnt have to work sooooo hard to create a size filter... lol

opps im talking too much.... this post might get edited or deleted by the or i might get (if i do then I know im
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