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Default Quality of Video Files

I have on questions concerning tv shows and movies.There are alot of choices in height,depth,fps,ect..What are the best features to key on when selecting files.I know how to use the SEARCH button in LM and Google,but I still need some direction.I can find high quality movies on a avi format,but tv series tend to be more diverse in quality(height,depth,fps,avi or mpg)?

I sawsome nice 32" hd lcd/monitor tv's from some named brand companys (i.e)sony
Acer ect.. for about 750.00.I could use this as a pc monitor,tv for video games,and have the option for many hookups...I really dont want to spend hours encoding dvd's.I have better things to do like download.They already have personal dvd's players on the market that read avi files.

The pc -vga-connection will give you 1380 by 786 in resolution using lcd hd tv as a monitor.

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