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Default Buttons unseen on install

Thread Starter Lindon posted, "I have made numerous attempts to install LW but I get to the setup screen "scan for files" and there is no "Back" or "Next" portion [buttons] on the screen..."

I had the same problem and I discovered thru a message on installing Napster after Uninstalling LW Basic that you must have "normal" Font Size chosen for the complete Install Dialog Box and its Next, Back, etc buttons to show. I had Large font size chosen.

To change Font Size in Windows XP Home, right click on an empty space on the DeskTop, choose Properties, Appearance, Font Size. Choose Normal.

Limewire should tell users in a prominent place what basic settings Settings are required to make LW work.

I normally have most Internet Explorer Settings Disabled in Security, Custom Level for security. This included Java, Active Scripting and Active X which caused complications and much wasted time w/ my first few downloads of LW Basic which I Uninstalled.

I did much searching on LW and found no mention of Font Size, or a solution to missing buttons.

I'll start some other threads to inform users of these things.

I hope those threads will show in Search and save us all a lot of time and aggravation, and users giving up on LW.
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