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Default Install probs: Buttons missing? "Next," etc?

I spent a lot of time trying to install LW Basic, but on the Install Dialog boxes the Next, Back bottons etc were often not visible.

I tried Napster and it gave me the message Normal font size must be used or Install won't work. I was using Large font.

So I applied this to LWB and I could finally see the Buttons and successfully complete the install.

To choose Font size in Windows XP Home, rt click on an empty part of Desktop, choose Properties, Appearance, Font size. Choose Normal.

Also put Internet Explorer on Default setting for downloading and maybe installing LW. I dont leave IE on Default for surfing cuz it's too insecure. I Disable almost all settings in Security, Custom Level, esp ActiveX and Active Scripting [aka JavaScript.]

I was told Java must be enabled for LW to work. Its different from Javascript.

Goto Control Panel, Internet Options, Security and choose Default. To make IE more secure, Choose Custom Level button next to Default.

I've asked LimeWire to prominently post what settings such as these must be enabled by users for LW to work.