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Talking To fix the limewire keeps popping up / no taskmanager bug do the following

> First remove Limewire(Start>All Programs>Limewire>Uninstall)
> Download "Brute force Uninstaller" to Desktop
>To download
>Right click the "BFU folder" on your desktop, and choose "Extract All"
>Click "next"
>In the box to choose where to extract the files to,
>Click "Browse"
>Click on the + sign next to "My Computer"
>Click on "Local Disk (C: ) "
>Click "Make New Folder"
>Type in BFU
>Click "Next", and Uncheck the "Show Extracted Files" box and then click "Finish".

>Download Alcra PLUS Remover at this link
>Right click link underneith and select "save target as" Save it in the same folder you made earlier "(c:\BFU)".

>Reboot to "safe mode"
>Go to "My Computer>C:/BFU folder".
>go to "BFU.exe"
>Select "folder icon"(top right)
>click "alcanchorty.bfu"
>Press "Execute" and let the program do it’s job. (You ought to see a progress bar if you did this correctly.)
>Wait for the complete script execution box to pop up and press "OK".
>Press "exit" to terminate the BFU program.
>Reboot into normal windows.


It is not absolutely necessary to uninstall Limewire or go into safe mode.It just makes it easier to do with Limewire not popping up all the time

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