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Default Installing Phex for Windows

Installing Phex,

This is simple, just unzip the zipfile you downloaded to the directory of your choise.
That's all, no instalation, no setup !

Now in order to run Phex, you need a Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE)
If it is not yet installed on your system you can download it HERE .
Have you used Limewire ? ok don't bother about downloading and installing the JRE, Phex runs on the JRE that came with Limewire.

Starting Phex,
If you go to the directory where you unzipped the Phex-zipfile you downloaded, you will find a phex.jar file.
Try double clicking on it and phex should start up.

If this fails you need to change the application Windows uses, to open a .jar file.
R-click on the phex.jar file and choose:
open with > select programme > browse the list with programme's you'll see and choose "javajaw"
Don't forget to mark "always use this programme to....."
(sorry I am using a dutch version of windows an don't know what it says in other language versions)

The simpelest way to start-up Phex in future times is to make a shotcut to your desktop from the phex.jar file (just R-click again to make the shortcut)
And if you want the Phex shortcut to look better, you could try the Icon that's added.
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