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hey, this is my first time posting here. i've been trying to download this movie, ***title edited, take the time to read the **** forum rulez***, and there have been quite a few sources and i've successfully downlaoaded it, but when i open it with winamp and media player, i get the picture perfectly, but there is no sound at all. i've tried 2 different sources now, and i even downloaded the full thing (1.4GB) and again the pictures work fine but sound doesnt, but at the same time i have my music playing from itunes so my sound and volume is fine.

does anyone know or get that problem sometimes? is it another annoying thing i cant work around? if not can you please tell me how to fix this or change my sound things or something or rather, much help would be grand.

thanks in advance.

use the search function of this forum and search for 'codecs'

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