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Default 1000 Files or not 1000 files that is the question

Please can someone advise? I have stumbled around the forums(Still a bit lost)
and read a lot about this 1000 file limit(or otherwise) on ''Safe'' sharing !
Where did this mythical no. come from? currently sharing 1500, is this the height of stupidity? Does some counter somewhere 'click' on 1000,secondly if I am sharing 1000 + music files ( Which i'm not) am I more likely to have transgressed? I do understand 'Copyright' but presumably the 'Enabled' filter on LW takes care of most of that doesn't it?
Yours from 'Care home for the terminally bewildered'
PS Am I not as guilty sharing 10 files or 1000, Please Help on this ,if not an impossible question?

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