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Originally Posted by MidnightAngel
fyi i did. if you cant be helpful dont bother saying anything at all.
Sorry if I appear to have a bit a problem with your attitude; I completely agree with have only mentioned BS lite, but the version that Aaron reckoned (I have installed it by myself), works just as good as the other old BS versions before they sold out their company to the RIAA.....

That's the version mentioned:
If upgrade dialogs are a bother try
the expired beta 5.1.0b25 and use the BearStart utility to run it.
Besides, LOTR still gave you a qualified comment in regard to your query.
Being respectful to members, VMs, Mods, and Admins in a forum is not an option, it is a requirement.....
Bear this in mind for any further comments of yours......
"Never Argue With An Idiot. They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience"
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