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Lightbulb The new Phex Forums

As you surely have seen, the Phex Forums just lived through quite an evolution.

The once monolitic Forum is now split up into four main areas with several subforums.

Most of them should explain themselves, but I still repeat them here, so we have all the info in one place.

General: All things about using Phex:
- Announcements is where you can learn about new Phex Versions and get other important announcements from the devs and mods
- New Users is where you can turn if you just started using Phex and want to know some basics
- General Discussion is where you can find almost all of the old threads and where you can discuss about anything concerning Phex, which seems to belong nowhere else.
- Help & Support should explain itself . If you have ventured beyond the first run of Phex, this is your place to get support from the Phex Team.
- Polar Skulk: The Home of the Polar Skulk, a Free Content Propagation group centered around Phex.
- Feature Requests & Bug Reports belong into this board. If you found a bug or have a great idea how to make Phex even better, please write it here.

Other Languages: Phex-Boards in different languages
- German: Das Deutsche Brett. Wir würden uns freuen, dich hier willkommen zu heißen.
- General Discussion: If you want to request a board in another language, please write it here. We will need to have a mod who can also speak english for that board, before we can open it, because we need to make sure the forum rules are kept in all boards.

Development & Coding: For developers and other people who want to use Phex for things they can't do out of the box.
- Adapting Phex (private networks): Here you can learn how to adapt Phex to create a private network for your forum or website, so your visitors can share files in private.
- Localizing Phex (translating): Here you can find help and contacts, if you'd like to help translating Phex into different languages. We'd be especially glad to get a translation into Loglan/Lojban, Interlingua or Esperanto.
- Open Discussion is where you can talk about anything related to the further and recent development of Phex, as well as about documenting it and moderating the Phex-Forums.

Off Topic: Anything not Phex related
- The Lounge is where all members of the Gnutellaforums meet to discuss matters outside Gnutella and outside Phex.

You can get further Information on Phex at the Phex Website and in the Phex Wiki.

If you'd like to help us moderating the new Phex Forums, please meet us in the Development: Open Discussion Board.

And besides: Welcome to the new Phex Forums! We hope you'll have a nice time in here!
And don't be shy to ask questions which sound stupid (as long as you read the FAQ and have a look at the HowTo's before writing). There's no such thing as really stupid questions, only people too stupid to give an answer which people understand or people who don't think about the answers themselves. And seemingly stupid questions can give insights which would never be reached in any other way.

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