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Aha, so, classic case of {set user "luthier"="true" AND proc "RTFM"="false"} there then. I'm surprised it isn't more intuitive on classifiaction, along the lines of GNUbie, GNUabitnow, GNanswerU.

Yeah, back to the thread a moment: the library issue seems to have cleared itself up now so maybe it's linked to the caching on this machine? Otherwise, I did try what you suggested in the first instance so your post seems to confirm I'm going about it the right way and have reasonable expectations of what the s/w does. On the other hand, old entries were still showing a good week or ten days after I'd deleted them.

No I'm not developing my own version—I thought it was all open source, albeit any mod's should be sent to the LW bods for potential inclusion. But, being a GNUbie...
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