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It's actually pretty good... the rolling stones thing was just an example.. you want to be more specific... basically just look at the way most mp3's are named, and put the name of the song you want.... using the * as variables. For example I just searched for *cake*ruby*.mp3 for the song by Cake called "ruby sees all", I got 148 results, without using the get more results thing. about half of them were obviously fake, didn't even have the keywords in them, not mp3's, etc...
The first good one I tried downloaded in 45 seconds, and was the correct file...
That is pretty typical of just about ANY song I have searched for. ANy movie also...
I don't know if it makes a difference, but I purchased Limewire Pro... actually I know it makes a difference, cause the pro works WAY better than the regular one, for me at least.... thanks, to the people that wrote this software


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