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Default Connection Problem Resolved

Hi, I'm a first time poster on these forums. I've been using Limewire for the last three months and until Monday I had no problems whatsoever.

However from Monday until a short while ago, I had problems whereby I could not get Limewire to connect to the network - The cnnection indicator was constantly on one green bar. I came upon these forums for a solution and tried everything suggested. However all my efforts were to no avail.

Today, I started getting a message indicating that Limewire could not start. I was left thinking about what had changed since Monday to have caused this problem.

I then realised, I had installed some anti malware software called Prevx to deal with a malware ********* I had. I thought I'd try and uninstall that and re-run Limewire. Lo and behold, my connection returned to normal. I'm not back to five bars and no problems. I'm not sure how different this software was to Ad Aware or Spybot but it defintely appears to have a compatibility issue with Limewire and there was no ready means within the software to resolve it (as you can with a firewall)

So, if you have suddenly experienced a sudden problem with your connection as I did, you might want to consider any new software you've installed to see if there is any kind of conflict. Of course, I'm probably telling this to people who know, but I figured if this helps one person with such a problem, then it's probably worth sharing.

Apologies for the rambling post
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