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Default Bearshare Error

Bearshare works for like 5-20 minutes then I get this error

.\GHasherThread.cpp (#1106) .\GHasherThread.cpp (888) -> .\GLibraryDb.cpp (1570), unable to open database file -> .\GLibraryTransaction.cpp (77), Transaction rollback

Bearshare used to work for me (pro version) but then the computer guy reinstalled windows and i lost bearshare (and my license key) so this is bearshare 5.1 light.

I just tried to re-open bearshare and i got this

.\GLibraryWatchDb.cpp (#176) Fatal Error: Unable to load library database.

Reason: Generic Failure

BearShare will automatically attempt to create a new database when it is restarted. Your old database files have been saved for possible diagnosis. Contact technical support for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
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