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Arrow flashing moving System details - help us to help you -> Provide these details when you post!!!

Recently there's been a problem with people not providing enough details about their setup - despite being asked again & again.

So let's make it easy for everyone...the details that we need if we're going to be able to help with complex problems are:

1. OS version? (eg: Windows 98) Please tell us whether you have an Administrator user account.
2. What firewalls you have?
3. How much ram?
4. Hard Disk space available?
5. Connection type? (eg: dialup, broadband, cable, etc.)
6. Modem & router brand name & model numbers? (eg: Linksys WRT54Gv4)
7. Where are you trying to connect from (house, appartment complex, school, student accomodation, work, etc.)?
8. What version of LimeWire (LW) & Java do you have? (Go to LW's menu Help bar > About LW...) Will show both LW & Java version. _ Click to see Sample image
* Please tell us whether you're using a LW 4 version, LW 5 version or LW Pirate Edition *
9. Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
11. Are you sharing the connection with other computers or p2p sharing programs? If yes, please give details of set up.
12. Is this a your 1st try at LW or is this a new problem with an experienced user.
13. (a) Do you see a brick wall in front of the blue world icon at the bottom of LW's interface (only for LW 4 users)? _ (b) How many red or grey or green bars do you see at bottom left of LW's screen? (all red or grey or only 1 or 2 green bars means disconnected)_ click here to see LW 5 Sample image, OR click here to see LW 4 Sample image
If you're using LW5 (includes LW Pirate Edition), there's no firewall icon. On LW's menu bar, go to Tools menu > Advanced Tools...there you'll see whether you're behind a firewall or not.
Click on thumbnail to enlarge the image.
System details - help us to help you -> Provide these details when you post!!!-firewall-status.jpg
14. For those using a modem/router, how is your modem/router set up...are you port forwarding or is UPnP enabled?
15. What security programs are you using (antivirus etc)? Some people might not be aware that their security suite includes a firewall
16. What country are you living in? Sometimes there are ISPs with the same name in more than one country (eg Clearwire in the USA & also in Ireland).
17. Has anything in your setup changed recently? Have you updated your version of LW or Java? Have you added any new software or new hardware? Have you updated any software? Have you moved house, changed internet plan or ISP etc etc?

This information can be vital
For instance, some ISPs are known for blocking p2p/throttling bandwidth, some connection devices are known for being unreliable in certain situations.

So please, help us to help you & provide as much info as you can.
If you're new to LW or new to computers & aren't sure how to answer some questions, or don't know what an ISP or router is - just say so. Nobody's going to yell at you
Even if you can't answer all the questions in one go...don't worry. Do the best you can & we'll take it from there.

FAQ - Commonly used Forum Abbreviations

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