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Default Welcome to the Polar Skulk (Infos & FAQ)

Welcome to the Polar Skulk!

If you just entered this board, this thread should give you first impressions of the Polar Skulk and provide you with some infos.

What is the Polar Skulk?

The Polar Skulk is a community of free and legal content gatherers and propagators.

We search for high-quality free content and we propagate it in the Gnutella Network.

How can I join the Polar Skulk?

To join the Polar Skulk, you can simply follow this trail. It will lead you to further information about the Polar Skulk and to the Polar Den, where you can find a pup, which will follow the trails of wisdom from the crossroad of songs to the dens of our skulk elders, so you can listen to the symphony of the Polar Skulk.

Who can add files?

Every member of the Polar Skulk can become a Skulk Elder and publish files.

To become an elder, you need to contact arne_bab, who is moderator in this forum.

Every Skulk Elder is only responsible for the files in his/her own den. Those files must fit with the Vision of the Polar Skulk. If a Skulk Elder violates the policy about the allowed files and in that way violates the vision of the Polar Skulk, he/she will lose the status as Skulk Elder and the identity of the Ex-Elder will be published, because any Elder who violates the Vision endangers the whole Skulk.

What is this Vision of the Polar Skulk?

Files should be legally shareable all over the world, and so we do our part by spreading free files into the Gnutella Network and tracking down the best free content on the net.

This way free files will get more and more popularity, and more and more publishers will realize that they have the best chances of being heard, if they release their files free for sharing in free networks.

That is why we have a strict policy which governs the files which are being added to the Den of the Polar Skulk.

Files must be:
- legally shareable
- free to use (which means: No DRM, no use restrictions; license: at least cc noncommercial noderivs or one which provides more freedoms, GPL and similar included)
- free for minors (no adult material)
- free of rascism, hate-propaganda, etc.
- clearly labelled, so users recognize them as free files
- interesting. Only worthy material should be included in the Den. Remember, that foxes can be quite choosy

Why all these fox analogies?

We use the fox metaphors, because the Polar Skulk is based on Phex, and because foxes are quite curious and have a good nose for interesting content.

And so your Phex can get you high quality content by curiously following the trails of wisdom laid by Elders of the Skulk.

I want to help!

Then we welcome you most dearly!

As first step, you can follow this trail and find yourself a pup, which will act as your connection into the Polar Skulk.

Then you can find interesting _free_ material and talk in this forum about it or create your own trail of the scent of wisdom (how to create that trail) and become a Skulk Elder.

What rules are there when talking about files?

If you talk about files in this forum, there's one most important rule: No direct links to content. No magnet-links to files. Any propagating of files is only done through the "crossroad of songs".

This is necessary to protect the forum, because direct links can't always be followed easily, but magma-lists containing bad content can easily be removed from the crossroad.

Second, almost equally important rule: Only talk about files, which adher to the vision: Only free files.

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