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Default Rules for talking about files!

If you talk about files in this forum, there's one most important rule: No direct links to content. No magnet-links to files. Any propagating of files is only done through the "crossroad of songs".

This is necessary to protect the forum, because direct links can't always be followed easily, but magma-lists containing bad content can easily be removed from the crossroad.

Second, almost equally important rule: Only talk about files, which adher to the vision: Only free files.

Files must be:
- legally shareable
- free to use (which means: No DRM, no use restrictions; license: at least cc noncommercial noderivs or one which provides more freedoms, GPL and similar included)
- free for minors (no adult material)
- free of rascism, hate-propaganda, etc.
- clearly labelled, so users recognize them as free files
- interesting. Only worthy material should be included in the Den. Remember, that foxes can be quite choosy

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