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Originally Posted by Only A Hobo
Sorry I didn't reply to this before Gregor, I have to admit I lost the thread

I am going to show you my ignorance now and ask in more detail how you Start Phex as you described ... I must admit I did not think you could or needed to allocate memory in this way on a Mac, but something I saw on the Apple site proved me wrong.
No probs, I started that way, too

To start Phex that way, you need to open the "Terminal" and navigate to the Phex Program (
"cd <foldername>"
gets you into a folder. Pressing tab lets the system do autocompletion,
"cd <"
gets you into the bundle).

Then you need to enter the Folder "Resources" in, therein the folder "Java". In there you can then use the code:
"java -Xmx256m -jar phex.jar"
, which will start Phex with more heap-space.

I hope I got everything right.... it's a long time since I last used MacOSX

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