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I really need some help here guys, I have experienced a problem with what I think is Limewire. Several weeks ago I download what I thought was Limewire only to get 360 share Pro. I double checked at that time that I had "pushed the right buttons " and every time I punched in it came up 360 share pro. I downloaded the programme fully believing it to be limewire and up until yesterday was quite satisfied. Yesterday, however, the programme became inactive, informing me that it was currently connecting to the network. I left the pc on all night thinking that there might be a problem with the site but it was the same this morning. I decided to contact their support team ( I did'nt know I had to be a Sherlock Holmes to eventually send a msg ) In the meantime I read a website somewhere that 360 was a rogue site that used the limewire access. So, me being me, I decided to put in a link "" Low and behold I got the limewire download page. I followed the instructions and paid for the download by pay pal. Only when the icon appeared on my desktop and when I had clicked on it was I aware that I had downloaded 360 share pro again !!!! I have been trying to contact limewire and pay pal without much success. Any coments please ??? Sincerely Susanna incidently no expert in this minefield of pc's LOL
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