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I saw the same thing once (also for a period of time) when using the same version of lite...bugged me too....kept on killing it, it kept on coming back..I am pretty sure that BearShare spreads its updates via the network, so that is what you are attempt to download it (which since that is also expired, is impossible..lol0

AaronWalkhouse guided me on the proper path, as it were, and advised the expired beta works like a charm...

the following excerpt is from the Technutopia forums:

To keep running the BearShare 5.1.20 beta forever (it works well here), just download the attached little proggy BearStart and set your BearShare shortcut to point to that. It sets the system date back to July 1st, 2005, starts the last version of BearShare installed, and then puts the system date back to the date it was before after a few seconds.

No ini files or registry mods - completely standalone. No installation - just unzip and run.
It reads the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\gnufile\shell \open\command" set up by the BearShare install program to find what to run.

so...just download the beta version and the besrstart utility, and use it really blows the socks offa other things....just go into the configuration menu and force UltraPeer mode, and you will ROCK!
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