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BEARDIAG ISSUES - brief summary: (Extracted on 2006/10/26 15:07:45) 

Microsoft Debug Manager found - not necessary
Sun Java update scheduler found - not necessary
Apple QuickTime taskbar player found - resource waster - not necessary
Sun Java update scheduler found - not necessary
Apple QuickTime taskbar player found - resource waster - not necessary
BearShare version found. We recommend the 5.1.0.b25 beta version - see Recommended BearShare downloads
BearShare currently shows port 6346 for TCP and port 0 for UDP that need to match with your firewall/router configuration
BearShare configured "UDP port" setting should be altered to reflect a non-zero value - suggest 6346
BearShare configured 'Connection Type' is satellite - may need checking
You are behind a NAT firewall and/or router. They need to be correctly configured to allow BearShare to access the Internet.
 This is a common cause of problems with BearShare - it can't communicate.
 Check your firewall allows BearShare to communicate on TCP port 6346 and UDP port 6346
 If your connection is via a router, make sure it can forward BearShare traffic to a static IP address on your computer
 Refer to the following guidelines to correctly configure your firewall and router for use:
 - - the Firewall FAQ at the official BearShare Help site, 
 - - the definitive guide to port forwarding and setting up a static IP address.
   (Hint: use static IP address, TCP Port 6346, and UDP port 6346).

More technical diagnostic troubleshooting information follows:
BEARDIAG: Bearcare for BearShare.
Details collected on 2006/10/26 15:06:46, BEARDIAG Version beta, expires 2006/12/24 (59 days), running from C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator.YOUR-55E5F9E3D2\Desktop\BearDiag.exe

System Hardware Information
CPU Type is: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, CPU speed is approx: 3001Mhz, System BIOS date is: 2005/04/29
OS Version is: WIN_XP, Service pack: Service Pack 2, OS Build: 2600, Computer Name: JESSICASCOMPUTE
Browser name: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe, version: 6.0.2900.2180, Admin user? YES

System Memory Parameters: 	Memory in use: 	42%
Total Physical RAM: 	1015.3Mb	Available Physical RAM: 	582.9Mb
Total Pagefile:   		2.4Gb	Available Pagefile: 		2.0Gb

Process info for BearShare
Pagefile peak usage: 0, Number of threads: 20, Number of handles: 431, Virtual memory usage: 0

Internet IP Address  Local IP Address  You are behind a NAT firewall and/or router.

File Locations
Program files are at: C:\Program Files, System Temporary files are at: C:\DOCUME~1\HP_ADM~1.YOU\LOCALS~1\Temp, Common desktop is at:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop
BearShare version installed is:, Gnutella servent BearShare full path is: C:\Program Files\BearShare\
Temporary downloads at: C:\Program Files\BearShare\Temp\, Completed downloads at: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator.YOUR-55E5F9E3D2\Desktop\Moya muzika, blyad'!\

Disk statistics
Drive C:	Total space: 180.10Gb	Free: 116.62Gb	Full: 35.2%	Vol type: NTFS

Folder Statistics
Temporary downloads folder:  Space used: 470, 	File count: 2, 	Write access allowed? YES,  # of DAT files: 1, #BAK: 1, #TIGER: 0, #TMP: 0, Other: 0
Completed downloads folder:  Space used: 77, 	File count: 1, 	Write access allowed? YES
BearShare library file 'library.db' size is 788.0Kb, '/db' library folder size is 3.2Mb, console log size is 0

FreePeers.ini settings
The freepeers.ini file is found at C:\Program Files\BearShare\FreePeers.ini. The extracted settings are as follows:

NOT AVAILABLE	: bAlwaysUpdate; Always Download and announce latest signaled BearShare program updates from

2	: connectionType; Network connection type
(0=Modem/AOL/ISDN, 1=Broadband/Cable/DSL/Wireless, 2=Satellite, 3=T1/T3/LAN/OC3/Microwave, 4=Custom values)
6346	: listenPort; TCP/IP port number to listen on

No	: bNeverBecomeUltrapeer; Disable UltraPeer mode

No	bAuthenticateHosts; Authenticate host connections
No	bAuthenticateDownloads; Authenticate search results and downloads

Yes	: bSymmetric; Is Internet connection symmetric
1500	: totalKbps; Maximum bandwidth for symmetric connections
1500	: sendKbps; Maximum outbound bandwidth for asymmetric connections
1500	: recvKbps; Maximum inbound bandwidth for asymmetric connections
No	: bMaxHostsKbps; Limit host bandwidth
0	: maxHostsKbps; Kbps of send/receive bandwidth to limit hosts
No	: bMaxUploadsKbps; Limit upload bandwidth
0	: maxUploadsKbps; Kbps of send bandwidth to limit uploads
No	: bMaxDownloadsKbps; Limit download bandwidth
0	: maxDownloadsKbps; Kbps of receive bandwidth to limit downloads

No	: m_bEverUltrapeerCapable; Has client ever been an UltraPeer?

No	: bTcpNFW; yes if TCP is not firewalled
No	: bUdpNFW; yes if UDP is not firewalled
0	: UDP Port; UDP port

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator.YOUR-55E5F9E3D2\Desktop\Moya muzika, blyad'!	: szDownloadsDir; Directory where completed and hashed downloads are moved to
C:\Program Files\BearShare\Temp	: szTempDir; Directory where partial downloads are kept
50	: dlMaxFiles; Maximum files to download at once
999	: dlMaxStreams; Maximum connections total
999	: dlMaxStreamsFile; Maximum connections per file
No	: bDelCompletedDownloads;  ; Automatically remove completed downloads
Yes	: bEnableSparseFiles; Enable Sparse files for temporary files
No	: bDisablePushSources; Never send Push messages
No	: bDisablePushProxySources; Never send Push Proxy requests

16	: maxTotUploads; Maximum files to upload at once
0	: lastSendBpsMaxAvg; last session average outgoing bandwidth

Firewall testing
Testing on port 6346 worked - is accessible.
Testing on port 0 worked - is accessible.

C:\Program Files\BearShare\db\ 1361560 bytes transferred over 7.62 seconds. Download speed is 1429Kbps.
LSPFix.exe: 186880 bytes transferred over 1.49 seconds. Download speed is 1006Kbps.
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