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Default Please Read!! What posts do NOT belong here, but rather in another section

Note that this forum section is NOT intended for asking about how to burn cd's, or how to convert files, or virus issues, etc. If you have that type of question then look through this following section link because your question has most likely already been answered:
Tips & Tricks For help with file formats, viruses, security, etc. (click on link) which is in the general area of the gnutella forums. That's because such questions have nothing to do with using the LimeWire program & are helpful to anybody who uses the gnutella network. You can also find Major Topics for Tips & Tricks. And for LimeWire stickies see MAJOR TOPICS for Open Discussion HELP with links to other LimeWire Stickies at the bottom of that Sticky.

This section: "Where 'Advanced' users meet to share secrets about pushing LimeWire to the limit." Which has nothing whatsoever to do with dealing with files after you have downloaded them. And is also not for beginners to ask fundamental questions that they could have found out by looking at the LimeWire User Guide or FAQ.

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