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Default Firewalls


I am not sure if you know this but the moment you go onto the internet, within 12 - 15 minutes, your PC is under attack and it is the job of your properly configured firewall to protect you from those attacks.

Also, again when you go onto the internet, your internet aware apps (parts of the windows O/S as well as other windows applications), access the internet without your knowledge. Again, it is the job of your firewall to tell you which apps are trying to access the internet and ask you whether you want to give them permission or not.

Now here is the real humdinger, when you use LW or any other P2P app you immediately invite attention from all sorts of government agencies and computer companies (both domestic and foreign), as well as the usual miscreants. Your firewall can protect you from some of these attacks, which is why you may be seeing some activity, but to be reasonably safe you will probably need Peerguardian 2.

UK Bob

Note, if you are an Ultrapeer your firewall maybe responding to the throughput of traffic or requests from other LW users.

However, without further info from you all I, or anyone else, can do is make guesses based on experience.
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