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The only way PORN can auto-download itself to your PC is under the following cirecumstances:

1) You have got a virus or Trojan that is communicating with the internet and downloading this stuff in the background. However, Virus and Trojan writers are usually after your financial details or making your PC into DDoS bot.

2) You have some sort of utility installed on your PC that can do this. I know that this and other utilities were given away freely on CD disks sold with computer magazines.

3) You have some sort of Adware in-fec-tion, as opposed to a virus or Trojan, that's downloading samples of what is available for sale.

There may be others but I think I have covered the most obvious.

UK Bob

PS. Sorry about the spelling of in-fec-tion, this system only prints a series of * if I type out the word correctly.

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